Friday, July 31

Feeling Down

Taken from here.

Things really messed up seeing your friend being stuck in a rut.

All you can do is watch, then mutter a few good words to bless it's soul; hopefully it doesn't come haunting you back the latter. Hmm. See you darlings.

Thursday, July 30

Smell The Fresh Air

And that's what exactly I intend to do.


I like being free spirited in life with no bounds tying me up. Being around people I'm uncomfortable with is like putting a ball chain around my neck. Yes, they bore me. Or vice versa.

That happy streak of yellow is really inviting me to run idiotically in the fields. Except that there is no field here. Hmm. This is depressing. Now what should I do about it?

Gosh, I'm just as lost as a bunny, better hide fast before the foxes get me.


Wednesday, July 29

Bees Eyes

She's fluttering isn't she? Wonderful.

Friday, July 24

Corset Affair

I have always liked anything high waisted. It was the genuine classy look you can get from both sides. Be it classic or modern. 

And this corset she's donning is timeless.

A corset is a playful garment, wear it wrongly; you'll look like a strumpet. You could pull off a casual look by pairing it up with jeans but never a jeans mini skirt/shorts not unless you're heading to a strip club.

Or simply put on the divine high waisted skirt as shown above. I'd like it better if the skirt were above her knees by three inches more. Short high waisted skirts are sexy. Best in dark colours; like the navy blue or plain grey. On a lighter colour, white and tan are still in the comfort zone.

Other colours are just so...bizarre. If you are one, don't worry so am I. Just make sure to experiment it first, then tell me.

It's perfectly fine to match up shorts with a corset especially when you're at a fabulous party. Filled with potential dates. Men will relive their fantasies that you're a naughty dark angel hovering over to find your prey. These happy victims will never forget the way you'll look that night, so tantalizingly delightful.

You can see, but you can't touch. No, you don't.

We girls love to play hard to get. In fact, we love the attention you give us but to be honest really, anything else apart from that; there is nothing else we want from you. It's the truth.

Well, I should really resume back to living the real world. See you Internet, till we meet again.


Thursday, July 23

Rosy People

These Macedonian girls are almost flawless. They make me want to drown in buckets of Haagen Dazs. No, wait. They make me want to have a lifetime full three course meal for dinner.

I am just about to burst into tears when I saw this.

I want to look exactly like her.

No, I can't.

Never mind, I shall just be content with whatever I have. I'm Asian. Embrace the skin colour, and the exotic look we Asians have. My short stubby nose, you have never failed to function like any good nose will do despite your lesser aesthetical appearance, I still adore you. Not.

Just you wait till Mr. Scalpel gets under you and you'll be all proper. That if my parents would approve of...sigh.

Let's abandon that dark thought for now, and to add up the list of things I want to get:

I badly want that body fitting green tube dress. I love the colour.

She may look in a compromising position here, and I am going to post up a lot more pictures of beautiful girls fashionably clad, so don't waste your breath between the borderline of classy and trashy.

Well, I want to get myself a nice warm bath to soak in and read a good book. Adieu.


Wednesday, July 22

I Bore Myself With Colours

I woke up feeling sweaty today. My dream was almost surreal, but silly me I didn't remember a thing about it. Something's wrong here, must've been the granola bars or that peculiar green jacket I bought last month. I always knew there was something fishy about it. Hmm.

Oh I stumbled upon this website. And I liked it. Now go and love it too.

I like those cherry red lips. I want.

Her eyes. Beautiful? Yes. Provoking? Yes.

Her blushing cheeks are lightly tinted, yes, this is the look. It is almost perfect for my brooding goth night out. I want to be seen attending the musical theaters in Bordeaux, exactly like this.

But one thing.

Where are her tits? I don't see it. I don't want to be flat-chested.

I guess you can't have everything in life. Wrong.

Haven't you heard of plastic surgery my dear? Don't care what other people say about you; it's your body after all, not theirs.

I must make a self memo to remind me, what time did I slept last night. Gosh, I'm terrible.

Darlings, I have to go now, see you soon.

Monday, July 20

Welcome Abroad!

Hi there! Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog. It going to be revolutionary, believe in me. :)

I'm just like your average teenage girl who loves little cute things and pretty much everything else in the glossy print magazine that I-oh-so-want-that-Chanel-dress; so to cut the long story short will you help me to it?

Sugar spice and everything nice is what this blog is going to be about, and if you're looking for a deeper meaning in personality; don't worry, I'll show you how to!

In the meantime, let me resume plotting world domination, ahem, spreading the word around about some cute stuffs that everyone will fall in love with, so till then toodles!