Thursday, July 23

Rosy People

These Macedonian girls are almost flawless. They make me want to drown in buckets of Haagen Dazs. No, wait. They make me want to have a lifetime full three course meal for dinner.

I am just about to burst into tears when I saw this.

I want to look exactly like her.

No, I can't.

Never mind, I shall just be content with whatever I have. I'm Asian. Embrace the skin colour, and the exotic look we Asians have. My short stubby nose, you have never failed to function like any good nose will do despite your lesser aesthetical appearance, I still adore you. Not.

Just you wait till Mr. Scalpel gets under you and you'll be all proper. That if my parents would approve of...sigh.

Let's abandon that dark thought for now, and to add up the list of things I want to get:

I badly want that body fitting green tube dress. I love the colour.

She may look in a compromising position here, and I am going to post up a lot more pictures of beautiful girls fashionably clad, so don't waste your breath between the borderline of classy and trashy.

Well, I want to get myself a nice warm bath to soak in and read a good book. Adieu.