Friday, July 24

Corset Affair

I have always liked anything high waisted. It was the genuine classy look you can get from both sides. Be it classic or modern. 

And this corset she's donning is timeless.

A corset is a playful garment, wear it wrongly; you'll look like a strumpet. You could pull off a casual look by pairing it up with jeans but never a jeans mini skirt/shorts not unless you're heading to a strip club.

Or simply put on the divine high waisted skirt as shown above. I'd like it better if the skirt were above her knees by three inches more. Short high waisted skirts are sexy. Best in dark colours; like the navy blue or plain grey. On a lighter colour, white and tan are still in the comfort zone.

Other colours are just so...bizarre. If you are one, don't worry so am I. Just make sure to experiment it first, then tell me.

It's perfectly fine to match up shorts with a corset especially when you're at a fabulous party. Filled with potential dates. Men will relive their fantasies that you're a naughty dark angel hovering over to find your prey. These happy victims will never forget the way you'll look that night, so tantalizingly delightful.

You can see, but you can't touch. No, you don't.

We girls love to play hard to get. In fact, we love the attention you give us but to be honest really, anything else apart from that; there is nothing else we want from you. It's the truth.

Well, I should really resume back to living the real world. See you Internet, till we meet again.