Friday, October 2

See Me Inside

Give me a liar and he'll see my horns, send me an angel and she'll see my wings. Things are not what it seems all time of the year. Even a tree knows its seasons, why can't you?

If you're torn between two friends of vast differences; and being neutral is no longer the matter, what's important is that you are not entirely in decision of the whole situation; keep that in mind always.

Do what you can do best.

Both parties should understand that you're not just another line of boundary to their expanding demands, so are there only two sides of the story?

Taking sides can be a taxing affair, just be sure that you're ready and capable to stand by your ground so as that you won't be ridiculed easily for your own belief. It's a commitment you make, don't make them easily because you'd end up breaking them easily too.

Which is why adults and some has-beens advice us to think before you act.

Just as long you're quick on your feet to resolve to the most nearest logical course of action you're going to take, saves time from you riddling whom to be with or so and so.

And I don't like friends who'd force me to take sides, then you're demoted to an acquaintance cuz you're insulting my capability to think for myself, thank you.

Drama nowadays, are just mere words.