Sunday, September 27

Me Alice

I'm glad I stumbled onto this website, Neon Stilettos. Alas, there is somebody who has an affection for teacups and my all time cartoon favourites, Alice In The Wonderland. I was a fantasy fueled little nipper I was, I seem to gravitate to nonsensical, impossible logic of how should things work. Plus, I like tea parties. It looked fun and pretty.

Here's a cover done by Vogue Italia 2008, I don't what month exactly and I think the pictures are neat, however, I think Vogue Girl Korea was a lot more charming on it. Remember this one?

Gorgeous heels, I like the small details yet so frustratingly simple.

I've always think that lime green is a friendly colour, don't you think so?

Alice takes a trip down the tinsel town and this is what she ends up with, cigarettes and make up.

She's had too much, he's had enough.

I guess we've heard that one all the way round the world, and rightly so; we still can't seem to get enough of it. Are you capable of bouncing off the walls with a crazy fun addicted chick who is most probably going to finish your cigarette pack before you do? Or you'd rather tearing hairs with her about wild night escapades, constant inebriation, nail polish obsession, money whoring; ever wonder why do you put up with that only to get so little in return?

For I know such (pitiful) men and boys who will do anything for her to stay by her side simply because she's pretty. With this, I'm confident to acknowledge that beauty is a weapon, innocent by existence yet so grudgingly deceptive.

I wish women wouldn't use it as a weapon(I'm talking as if they're handling a gatling gun or something wth), because a weapon could backfire, therefore in turn hurt themselves as well. The door swings both ways, girl.

Enough with the military geek infused point there; I think beauty is a blessing. Or at least I think it is. Having beauty entitles you to yield a certain power, thus is a responsibility. Your beauty could light up a hope for ZOPFAN or bring a maelstrom of crushing winds and thunder; so it's your choice.

And remember,

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

- Margaret Hungerford

If you want me to be an obvious git; it means subjective you dolt.