Tuesday, September 22

Love Sex Love

I dread the day if I were ever to be at short ends, I wonder if I could have the strength to simply bend down and pick up the pieces slowly again, hopefully learning a valuable lesson along the way; rather to do better the next time?

I don't know, I'm lost.

However, I've find myself some distractions lately. Married couples gone wrong. Funny example was Boycie and Marlene (I know, I know, just cut it out will you?), I liked the way they had each other back(s).

Boycie said,"If I were to draw a straight line, I've would've used Marlene's chest!"

Or perhaps something I would relate to,"Come on darling let's get home, and ignore each other for the rest of the evening."

Haha. I love Boycie.

No, you didn't read, hear, nor see that. It must be your imagination.

Somehow I'm having a little fantasy going on in my head right now, which I'm pretending to be Marle...now, let's not jump into conclusions yet, yes I know I said I love, I mean like Boycie, but that doesn't mean I super crazy sex obsessed with him!

But then again...maybe.

Alright, a 0.01% of maybe okay? I'm perfectly sane. I like boys. Ahem, I meant men.

There's nothing more appealing than a strong mark of masculinity, by all means is power, the need to dominate and rule against others, bow down to the supreme authority. Power is very sexy. Very, very, very sexy. Aaah...

I just love power. More than anything in this world.

Though I must say I have to gain several material things in this world to prove my worth, not to mention I've to put on a bit of work on myself too. That always.

Ho Hum, I still haven't got any response from that program I've wanted to join, wonder if they going to cherry pick me instead of those undeserving maggots out there, oops! Didn't mean it really, nah kidding. Tool.

It's going to be at 7th of November, and karma has it at 7th of November I have a *TEST* to be taken on that day; program starts at 8AM, exam starts at 7.30AM, so ffffffuuuuuuudge.

Fudge it.

But I really want to go!

Never mind I'll come up with something. Sure I will, for example, tell them that I will be late for about 6 hours I think? Sounds like a great excuse to miss out all the important activities! Aww! I hate this. WHY KARMA?? WHY?!

So then, I'm off to sleep. Goodnight Boycie, I love you!