Monday, September 14

So Old

(That website is a super eye candy! Go and love it! )

This is getting interesting by the day, I've just dropped by my local uni to see my bunch of kooky friends; well yeah everything was pleasant and so but just so happen I landed myself into a hype of this on going event in the uni; some sort of summer camp or something except they chuck you into a posh hotel to work on your leadership skills or something like that; the swag, sophisticated kind of atmosphere I think, or maybe I'm just being cynical but I'm thinking of joining in. Probably I'll meet a group of power hungry career motivated people who want to flaunt about their accomplishments in life; therefore making you their subordinates so that you follow into their footsteps. On a second thought, I might not want to go.

But guess what? Everything's paid for; a room for yourself, a full three course meals a day and god knows what else they're offering, it's going to be a three day programme for you to get on your butt to sharpen your leader skills. I wonder what are they gonna make them people do?

The only snag is they're choosing about 58 people to go, I guess I'll give it a shot right?

Yuppo, maybe I should go find a new hobby now. TTFN!