Saturday, September 12

I'm Woozy

via Gillo Filippa

I had a nightmare last night. That was the second time. I woke up feeling fear, scared and the sense of loss. I hated it.

It made me cry a while because I had gloomy feelings shrouding over my head and I could not put myself together to be sensible the least.

All I remember the most was the fear I felt all throughout the dream. It's like I'm chasing for something that's beyond my reach, and fail miserably.

The nightmare was something about who's dying and obviously died of course, and me being a soppy daft was so upset about it.

Come to think about it, it wouldn't be as bad as Iraqi sniper insurgents shooting up general war lord heads off in Myanmar during an illegal gemstone drug ridden trade while the American Embassy in England is being bombarded by some highly anticipated pro-Marxist atheist ruffians waiting outside with their clubs and broken glass bottles, and the Prime Minister of Malaysia finds himself in a very awkward position with the discover of his picture collections of young, naked Indian boys while China cease to dump unwanted dead bodies in metal crates deep into the Pacific ocean despite the UN warning; a call out to nature! Fishes will be fed off the bodies, not to mention the Japanese and Russians would like that very much since they do a lot of fishing; biggest exporter of fisheries around the world and South Korea would proceed to wage a war against the Middle East with the help of it's long time enemy North Korea; both have rekindled their relationship to a whole new level; they would put the Islam religion down in smut. By this time, the Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia will be raging in protest banging their fists on the tables demanding war and also a complete boycott of every non Muslim product off their shelves. Their women would be severely battered to let out the anger on them simply because they couldn't nab a yellow paled skin slitted eyes Asian to beat the hell out of him instead. The EU will call up for a meeting to discuss the current situation at the state of the world until Belgium decides to pull out simply because the rich gentlemen in Luxembourg wouldn't allow them for fear their exporting ammunition demands will be cut short in Antwerp; then later cause a riot from happy marijuana smoking peace keepers from Holland come in flooding numbers carrying picket signs, dressed like poufs, interracial make out and such; young people who finally understood making 'big' statements in life when all they ever do was getting stoned and shout about some nonsensical principalities rubbish which later when they grow older, they wished they're smart enough to think for themselves a lot more next time. Well, there isn't next time and just very surprisingly Thailand decide to invade Laos and Vietnam to support it's ever growing demands for a cheap industrial grounds, labor and natural resources. Thailand's the New China; pollution's getting rampant when there's another big hole on the ozone layer found on the Southern hemisphere, and whoops! There's two of them in the North Pole already! Laos would inconsiderably give in while Vietnam retaliates like a cobra snake, body counts all around the world rises up to a 1.5 million daily that's when Germany's secret society has been inventing poisonous transparent, odourless gas to be released at every existing major public train stations in big cities. The Zionists instead will get ready their stocks of nuclear war missiles dead ahead for Modern Age Hitlers, presumably guilty or not is no longer the matter; Al-Qaedas will seize a chance to jump on the band wagon and attack America by kidnapping every single American diplomats in the embassies around the world threatening to blow them up into a million of pieces with a video compilation of them dying torturedly sent to their families (which will secure a winning on Grammy for five years consecutively for Best Documentary) if the U. S. of A doesn't comply. Crazy radical power hungry money driven feminists will begin to blame men for the entire problem that's going on in the world now, with so much misery, depression, anger, perversion, violence; their yapping mouths and ridiculous agendas continue to make everyone's life a bit more difficult than it can get sparks off a nasty comeback from the shameless pompous male chauvinist club, both spreading hate and lies amongst genders multiplying creating a battle between the sexes all over again, the world runs on a single track mind of hate, pain, revenge, disgust, contempt, greed, lust, envy, lies; a bleeding dark symphony! All this while I'm in the comfort of my knickers blog bashing a (stupid) girl whom I know in real life with a strongly worded entry about her lack of creativity let alone her brain if she has one.

Yes, come to think of it, I suppose my nightmare isn't that horrible after all. Gosh, silly me.