Thursday, August 13

At Its Best

I love the Wild Fox. With all my heart.

This is what I'm exactly looking for all this while, I shall keep Wild Fox as mine, it's mine! I damn well like what they have to offer and I couldn't resist posting up most of their pictures here. I'm just so bloody infatuated with it.

The Edward Cullen hype.

Sexy. Sexy. Sexy.

Don't you just love the heels? I do.

I adore that red blood lips.

One of my personal favourites, I guess I liked the expression of it.

Haha. It's almost similiar to being acting silly with my buddies. That girl with the red lips reminded of myself.

I love this. It's cute.

That was a brilliant idea for a photoshoot. Their ideas are refreshing, vibrant, so new.

Looking at these fun loving girls makes me feel to go on a road trip around the country pretty soon, doing my share to crazy stuffs when you're young, times like these are pretty crucial when your hormones are kicking in and you wanna do is be filled with adrenaline rush and doses of serotonin rushing through your veins. It's feels good I know.