Sunday, August 9

Do You Hate The Colour Pink?

Hey you. Yes, you. I'm talking to you. 

To any particular of you getting upset seeing a pink blog that somehow it is deeply rooted in your mind because it ultimately belongs to ditzy girl who only loves pretty stuffs and rant about the littlest things on earth. Though that might be stereotyping but then again who doesn't? I know you do, stop denying.

I could carry on very well with a white plain blog and I won't have people patronizing me how much of a tissue paper enthusiast I am, because it's so painstakingly white. White as snow. White as my tissue paper. Since I've been doing my bit as a solicitous citizen on planet Earth, I've replaced my tissue papers with napkins and handkerchief instead so there now to prove my point is completely obsolete. Yada.

I have a pink blog and people would relate me to XiaXue, or trying to be like her. She likes everything in pink. Well that's her not me. Or probably you guys would stamp me under Paris Hilton's range, gosh if I really want to do a Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie combo, you'll be shocked. You will be shocked my dear, if I had wanted to do it in the first place.

I've seen plenty of pink blogs surfacing around the blogosphere, and so many  more of them but still, I'm not moved to not like a pink blog. They're wonderful. Most of the blogs looked nice, forget the content though because that's a different story altogether isn't it? We'll save it for another day whenever you feel like bringing it up.

Why can't we all enjoy and relax without throwing pre judgmental of someone's value when you're getting to know them. You're reading my blog right now so you are somehow in the process of getting to know me. If it's makes you feel better in my country's local phrase, chill lah.

Of course, I chose to put myself in this kind of light the way you will see me, but the real question is; which angle are you looking from?

I find that pink is strong colour, especially to women and that in a way I'm channeling my posts mainly to the female readers leaving the males feeling left out. Perhaps not, if them having to see beautiful pictures of gorgeous women with jaw dropping fashion garments ignoring what was written under caption. 

It doesn't matter anyway to which gender I'm feigning interest from, its just the love. The mutual feeling of liking things in common, or the complete opposite could be refreshing too.

Yes, I'd like that.

Somewhere, somehow I've kept a mundane grey blog out there. It's just as anonymous as this one. Whoops! I've said too much didn't I?

Too bad this blog isn't going to be too personal for your own liking, rather it's an interest I've developed browsing through people's website after dousing myself in a pool of envy of their pictures. This blog is dedicated to the lighter, materialistic side of me, for the unliving things that I lust, love, adore, want, and care.

A lot like humans except that they can't feel.

I'm sure if I bought a Gucci dress right now that's fetching up to 800 Euros, do you think that Gucci dress would give a flying faggo...I'm sorry, cursing is going to be moderated here in this blog too, simply because the other one is, well, you know. Thing is, I wouldn't get that money out of thin air would I?

Plus, it eases my mind typing in this blog where I can pretend to be a saintly angel while the other one just does it. Thank god for anonymity.

Now, back to business.

Where in the world can I go to class looking as fabulous like this?

I wished my classes were held in stone made castles dating back from the 17th century. That'll be classic. Enriching too.

All pictures via Nast

This potentially charming young lad would be the guy from the other class. Or my boyfriend.

My fantasies are running wild. It's a sign. I'm still straight after staring at super model photos all day long. Well I didn't need that telling me don't I? I'm just silly.

Right then pretty face, I'm going.