Sunday, August 9

Pretty In Paint

Hi there, I've been browsing about and look what I've uncovered! This new hobby of mine is exhaustive, there's endless of sources but I look for the one that really captures not only my eyes but the soul too. 

I've seen plenty of amazing photos but I guess I had to make up my mind which or else I'd end up with 500 posts within a day, and gosh how you'd read all that? Or more likely, where am I going to find the time to blog about them in the first place?

All these pictures are portrait. Acrylic paintings. By Joshua Petker. Coincidentally he looks up to Gustav Klimt and I happen to like Gustav's works before stumbling across this piece of wonderful work. This is fated. Cool.

Bloody Mary. 

My favourite portrait amongst the rest, somehow I have a fetish for bloody paintings. I gave a painting to a man I liked before, it was something almost similiar as this except that mine was just drips of blood all over the shrouding gray strips. The theme was 'Forgive but not Forget' it was quite personal and I didn't know what was I thinking when I handed it to him.

Gold Glitter.

The girl on the left looks pretty, I like her hair. I wish to make my hair something like that, but it stubbornly refuse to. Bother much, I'm beginning to get bored of my side parting simply because I see so many people out there with the same thing on their forehead. It annoys me but still, how I wish I had better ways to do my hair.

Cats Are Always Black.

Well yes the are. At least in this portrait, and I like how she touches her lips with the tip of her fingers and the other hand petting the cat. So seductively agonizing, she's beautiful but yet it's painful. Both of them, they twist.

Alice Axes.

This is cute. Very cute. Her bee stung lips, lush thick eyelashes and the colourful neon eye makeup; she's completely oblivious to everything. I like. I like. I like.

And so to brighten your day, or the complete opposite, just drop by this genius guy journal, his name is Johnny Ryan. Familiar much? I wasn't neither, I found his works alongside Joshua Petker and all, it's a weird mix, I know. The world is flat people. Move it.

These arty people sure do feign a great deal of interest from me. Though some may come off as brash and provoking but it's mentally stimulating. Hmm. Won't you like it? I like it.

This blog is going to be plastered with the 'like' word all over it. The word 'like' is like an oracle to this blog. It speaks. It tells. It decides. So many things to like, I wonder how do I manage? Or rather I'm expanding more space in my heart for unliving things, leaving little space for the lost souls dwelling around me.

Gosh, it's not wonder why it's empty. It's filled with all the things I 'like'.