Wednesday, August 5

That Little Piece of Beauty

Another picture from hers, try to look into the door.

I have the strong urge to jump into my computer screen and run up the stairs to open the door at the other end. I love uncovering mysterious things and this one seems just right.

I want to buy this house. 

I will renovate it to be a country cottage. Pastel coloured wooden furnitures, flower printed curtains and sheets, landscape paintings, once this house is done up well I'd rent them to the lovely folks looking for a summer house in the holidays.

I want several summer houses in the European continent. My step aunt has one in France and I almost faint in envy when she tells me about it. Yes, picking berries in the vineyard is fun. Making blueberries jam after that seemed fun as well. I liked that life, being in the country. A getaway from the fast paced, hustle and bustle of the cruel city.

I'd trade my clubbing nights away for a lazy sunny day there, just sipping wine and paint landscapes. Except that I'm not artistic. I don't really know how to paint. I can pick up a brush and try to create something, but always it turns out to be a dud. Maybe it's just not meant to be.