Tuesday, August 11

She Was Me

Take one look from her eyes, and all you see is just a cluster of ego, anger and perversion. She is really something. I felt that she was me. Wearing that white suit, plus a white top hat, a hint of masculinity is sexy. I like.

Gosh, this really takes me back. Takes me back to junior high school. Nubile, young and silly, nevertheless I was thrilled for fun. Fun meant everything to me. To hell with everything.

I like natural red heads. I think they're naturally beautiful. Lindsay Lohan is a natural red head and I used to like her a lot before she went into the whole trouble scene, but still she's still pretty though. However, I can't dye my hair auburn or red headed like because it looks ghastly with my skin colour, I'm Asian. Tanned. Pfft.

I like the feeling of bumming around all day with your friends, just drinking, smoking or eating; frittering away our lives meaninglessly while other people jests us for our laziness. True, we were once spoilt rascals and all we knew was just wanting to have fun.