Thursday, August 6

The Metrosexual He

Karl Lagerfeld.

Enigmatic. His aura eluded magnetism of the higher echelon men.  A different kind of men.

You don't hear men talking much about him. It's because they have nothing to say. Nothing at all. Except for those who understand his works.

He makes all the men in the world speechless about himself. Why? It's because he's gay alright I'm not pretty sure about that, I've looked around and chances are I'm going for the 'yes, he's gay' answer, plus he gets to accompanied by a platoon of goddesses who are his models.

Because he's gay? No, I don't think so. I think it's because he looks like a fine gentlemen. He understands women so well that I have always find him appealing, never boring. There's always something new to look forward from this man.

Here are several pictures from his website.

Taking a stroll in the beach looking this isn't exactly conventional, perhaps he wanted to show a contrast to the contrary culture where everyone wears lesser on the beach.

That tall dark haired chiseled chin Eros has an ear piercing. His manly appearance contradicts his sexuality where piercing is actually an expression for gay movement. Men pierce themselves on any part of their anatomy, where women instead pierce their tongues.

I personally liked this one. I think I have the odd fantasy to be an Airship Captain with all that leather gloves and tight wool pants paired up with the knee length boot. Her flaming red hair says it all. Power.

My would be subordinate in my fantasies. I doubt that because he looked liked the Captain instead.

If I were a kid, I would really like this. I will love it to my hearts content. There is nothing more than a piece of heaven to be in a garden all to myself. I can throw stones into the ponds, pluck countless of flowers and leaves, then perhaps climb tiny monuments like this model did here in the picture.

Dark but sexy. Classic goth.

Moving onto something contemporary. This is quite generic because plenty of other people perfected at imitating this look.

This consist of three pictures individually but I compiled them and yes, I find it...interesting.

You know something? That dark haired Eros is scaring me.

Looks like Karl Lagerfeld got his skirts plumped too. She's a pure doll, nice.

Spent the day stalking onto his brief history, I like what I've read about him so far. Perhaps I'm just easy to please, maybe I don't know. I'm going right now. See you.